[mythtv-users] MythDVD, Xine and SPDIF

Johan Kihlström johan.kihlstrom at bredband.net
Fri Dec 23 04:45:41 EST 2005

I had a lot of problems getting xine to do digital out on my XBOX.
Here's what solved my problem
1) used custom .asoundrc from DigitalSoundHowTo for Myth
2) in xine, under the settings menu make sure that Pass Through is set
3) In my case I had to change the device for Pass Through from IEC958 to
default to get it to work.
Do you have working digital out in MythMusic or MythTV?
After that everything worked, I got Surround Sound through the SPDIF
into the reciever and it sounds great.
BTW, if you describe symptoms and dialogs, your settings and possible
error messages the rest of us on this list has a better chance of
helping you along. 
Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

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I'm trying to use xine for dvd playback in myth.  My sound currently
runs through the spdif on a Turlte Beach Riviera.  In Myth, I get this
sound by specifying ALSA:spdif as the sound device, but I'm not able to
get sound from MythDVD.  What command-line option do I need to specify
to make this work? 

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