[mythtv-users] DVB subtitles comments

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Fri Dec 23 02:48:41 EST 2005

> Hello all,
> Referring to DVB-T subtitles, and I'm using Freeview in the UK.

> Also, I now note even if "Always use closed captions" is enabled in 
> settings, I now have to manually turn subtitles on every time I watch TV 
> or view a recording via the menu - quite annoying considering I use 
> subtitles all the time.  Is there another setting to enable subtitles to 
> work all the time?

Yep, asked about this some days ago, but was ignored.

> But those 2 are my only 2 complaints about subs and pleased with most of 
> the bug fixes.  Cheers to those who did them :)

I would add the fact that the subtitles are displayed on top of the OSD stuff.
Makes it difficult to see what is told on the OSD.


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