[mythtv-users] Guide 'Unknown' channels

Kirby Bakken kirby at magnaspeed.net
Thu Dec 22 22:15:52 EST 2005

Kirby Bakken wrote:

> Mercury Morris wrote:
>> On 12/21/05, *Kirby Bakken* <kirby at magnaspeed.net 
>> <mailto:kirby at magnaspeed.net>> wrote:
>>     I receive all the 'major' (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc) channels on 
>> HD (I
>>     have just an HD5000 card), but for most of the HD channels I get, 
>> the
>>     guide shows 'unknown' as the content.  I KNOW that the HD content
>>     is the
>>     same as the NTSC content...  How can I cause the channel guide to 
>> show
>>     content instead of Unknown?  Is there something I'm doing wrong
>>     with my
>>     channel guide setup?  (all the other channels show up fine).  Or 
>> do I
>>     need to 'fudge' things and associate one channel's information
>>     that I AM
>>     getting with the 'unknown' channels?
>> Perhaps the XMLTVID is missing from the Channel data.  At least, 
>> that's what I have found when the guide shows 'unknown'.
>> When this happens, I enter mythtv-setup, on into the Channel Editor, 
>> and add the XMLTVID by typing it into the space provided.
>> Ah Ha!  You ask: Where can you find the XMLTVID?  Well, one easy way 
>> is to bring up the list of channels using the website 
>> http://zap2it.com, enter the zipcode appropriately, and wait for the 
>> channel listings to appear.  Then, if you hold the mouse pointer over 
>> the channel call-letters (at the left of the screen), the XMLTVID 
>> will appear, somewhere.  Using Mozilla, it appears at the bottom of 
>> the screen.  With Opera, it appears in a little box under the mouse 
>> pointer.
>> As soon as enough mythfilldatabase runs are completed, you should 
>> start to see fewer 'unknown' boxes and more boxes with program 
>> information.
>> One last thought:  When I use zap2it, the analog stations are always 
>> listed first.  So, I have to click on the 'CLICK HERE TO VIEW YOUR 
>> LOCAL DIGITAL STATIONS' line to get the digital stations.
>> -- 
>> MM
> Hey Thanks!  Some progress, but not much...  I deleted all the 
> channels under Channel Editor (which near as I can find, is ONLY with 
> mythtv-setup).  Then rescanned.  I ended up with only the digital 
> channels in my area (that could be found).  I then used the channel 
> editor to go into each channel and fill in the XMLTVID.  Exited, 
> brought up mythbackend, ran mythfilldatabase, ran mythfrontend, and my 
> channel guide still has all the analog channels (which I can't get, I 
> don't have a tuner for NTSC), and I STILL have Unknown (Unknown) for 
> channel 4-1 and 9-1.  A couple of the other channels that weren't 
> working (2-1 PBS) have data now....  But I'm sure the XMLID is correct...
> Sigh...  Went back into mythtv-setup after running 
> mythfilldatabase.....  all the analog channels are 'back in'... . How 
> do I NOT get them?
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Sigh...  I think I answered my own question....  after a little (more) 
research.  Go to labs.zap2it.com, add a 'new' channel lineup using a 
different zip code...  one that has the HD channels that zap2it doesn't 
think I can get....  and then delete all but the HD channels from my lineup.

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