[mythtv-users] Guide 'Unknown' channels

Kirby Bakken kirby at magnaspeed.net
Thu Dec 22 21:27:31 EST 2005

Mercury Morris wrote:

> On 12/21/05, *Kirby Bakken* <kirby at magnaspeed.net 
> <mailto:kirby at magnaspeed.net>> wrote:
>     I receive all the 'major' (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc) channels on HD (I
>     have just an HD5000 card), but for most of the HD channels I get, the
>     guide shows 'unknown' as the content.  I KNOW that the HD content
>     is the
>     same as the NTSC content...  How can I cause the channel guide to show
>     content instead of Unknown?  Is there something I'm doing wrong
>     with my
>     channel guide setup?  (all the other channels show up fine).  Or do I
>     need to 'fudge' things and associate one channel's information
>     that I AM
>     getting with the 'unknown' channels?
> Perhaps the XMLTVID is missing from the Channel data.  At least, 
> that's what I have found when the guide shows 'unknown'.
> When this happens, I enter mythtv-setup, on into the Channel Editor, 
> and add the XMLTVID by typing it into the space provided.
> Ah Ha!  You ask: Where can you find the XMLTVID?  Well, one easy way 
> is to bring up the list of channels using the website 
> http://zap2it.com, enter the zipcode appropriately, and wait for the 
> channel listings to appear.  Then, if you hold the mouse pointer over 
> the channel call-letters (at the left of the screen), the XMLTVID will 
> appear, somewhere.  Using Mozilla, it appears at the bottom of the 
> screen.  With Opera, it appears in a little box under the mouse pointer.
> As soon as enough mythfilldatabase runs are completed, you should 
> start to see fewer 'unknown' boxes and more boxes with program 
> information.
> One last thought:  When I use zap2it, the analog stations are always 
> listed first.  So, I have to click on the 'CLICK HERE TO VIEW YOUR 
> LOCAL DIGITAL STATIONS' line to get the digital stations.
> -- 
> MM
Hey Thanks!  Some progress, but not much...  I deleted all the channels 
under Channel Editor (which near as I can find, is ONLY with 
mythtv-setup).  Then rescanned.  I ended up with only the digital 
channels in my area (that could be found).  I then used the channel 
editor to go into each channel and fill in the XMLTVID.  Exited, brought 
up mythbackend, ran mythfilldatabase, ran mythfrontend, and my channel 
guide still has all the analog channels (which I can't get, I don't have 
a tuner for NTSC), and I STILL have Unknown (Unknown) for channel 4-1 
and 9-1.  A couple of the other channels that weren't working (2-1 PBS) 
have data now....  But I'm sure the XMLID is correct... 

Sigh...  Went back into mythtv-setup after running 
mythfilldatabase.....  all the analog channels are 'back in'... . How do 
I NOT get them?

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