[mythtv-users] Help with xorg.conf

Gary Manning gmanning45 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 22 17:22:47 EST 2005

From:  Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com>
>If your TV is 1080p then its best native mode will be 1080p. Unless your TV
>has a Faroudja scaler, and possibly even if it does, you'll want to run 
>video card output at 1920x1080 and have MythTV, etc, output at this
>Some caveats:
>Some TV's have native modes for SD at 480p which if any of your SD signals 
>noisy you might want to have Myth output at these lower native resolutions
>since scaling can make the picture look really bad.
>For things like DVD's, digital cable sources (even if run through a PVR 
>S-Video), and of course HD material, go ahead and have Myth/MPlayer/Xine
>scale them to 1920x1080. The software scaling will be as good if not better
>than the internal scaler on your TV, and since these sources will be
>realitvely free of signal noise(with the PVR material being the worst, even
>when its clean) scaling to 1080p will definitely be the way to go.
>When playing back DVD's with MPlayer or Xine, give a try using their IVTC
>filter. The one to use with MPlayer is "-vf pullup,softskip", I'll gander
>Xine has a similar one, though I haven't played around with Xine in a 
>This should, in realtime do the best inverse-telecine for outputting to a
>progressive display. Worth a try.

I am struggling with my display config as well.  I am running an AMD XP2600 
(mythtv from atrpms), Dvico Fusion 5 Gold (cable, QAM and 
analog), Nvidia 6200 (7676 drivers), component out (1280x720p) to Sony LCD 
HDTV.  Fusion-tuned HD material is good, but SD looks terrible compared to 
that produced by the TV's tuner, or my old Series 1 Tivo.  Now maybe a 
different SD tuner would help (I am thinking about a PVR-500), but for now 
this is what I have to work with.

In addition to the poor SD quality, I am unable to run with XvMC disabled.  
I have read of others with similar hardware having success wthout it, and I 
would also like to do the same if possible to smooth out channel changes and 
OSD.  I tried a variety of different settings for deinterlacing etc. but 
nothing was watchable without XvMC due to severe studdering.

The last issue (so far) is that some (but not all) of the config screens are 
being cut off at the bottom by varying amounts, in some cases the entire row 
of 'back', 'next' etc. buttons are completely off screen.  Every screen size 
setting I have found is set for 1280x720, and my KDE desktop is displayed 

My TV has good deinterlacing/scaling abilities.  Is there a way to tell 
Myth/Nvidia to output the video unchanged?  If so, and it makes sense to do 
it, that might improve the SD picture and performance issues.  If this is 
not possible, what other options do I have?  Different versions of myth or 
the nvidia drivers?  Config changes?  Other than the obvious ones in setup, 
I am lost on where to look/what to change.

The bottom line is that I have most of it working, but as a Linux/Mythtv 
newbie, I think I have come as far as I can with Google and howto's.


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