[mythtv-users] Move Program Details to Info screen in Watch Recordings

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 16:55:14 EST 2005

On Thursday 22 December 2005 16:52, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Steve Adeff wrote:
> >currently, to see the information on the recording in the Watch Recordings
> >area one must  click the "Info" button, choose "Recording Options" and
> > then click Show Program Details, which shows the details for that
> > specific recording.
> >
> >Is this location hardcoded or part of the theme? I'd like to move it to
> > the main Info screen, since, to me at least, it make more sense.
> It's hardcoded.  look for the addButton calls in playbackbox.cpp in the
> mythfrontend source.  There's already alot of possible buttons on that
> screen so putting more onto the first level has been discouraged...

It just seems counterintuitive to have to go into recording options to see the 
program details. I can understand going there to change the settings for 
recording future episodes, but to see the information on that specific show?

there are a lot of buttons though...


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