[mythtv-users] Troubleshooting an IR Blaster

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Thu Dec 22 10:32:01 EST 2005

First thing to try is turn the LED around. You may have cathode and anode
reversed. Check your camera with a working remote to make sure the camera
actually sees the IR light. Check the wiring of your connector.

Last and least likely is a port that does not source enough current to turn
on the led.

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> Hi,
> I have an IR Blaster from
> http://www.irblaster.info/
> and I've been following the IR-BLASTER_HOWTO at

Everything has gone relatively smoothly up till now, but I'm stuck at one of
the last steps. When I do

/usr/local/lirc-ledxmit/bin/ledxmit-irsend SEND_ONCE JVC_RAW 2

then ledxmitd.log shows this:

0.7.2pvr150: accepted new client on /dev/ledxmitd
Dec 20 10:31:15 mythtv ledxmitd 0.7.2pvr150: removed client

Which looks OK, but the LED, viewed through a digital camera, doesn't flash.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot a problem like this?


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