[mythtv-users] Using MythTV as a non-TV recording device

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 03:59:53 EST 2005

On 22/12/05, Ryan Green <thecapitalizt at gmail.com> wrote:
> The place of my employment currently has a setup where presentations
> are shot with a camera, and then currently recorded onto a VCR, and
> then captured from that tape onto a Computer for DVD. Currently, this
> takes us too much time and effort, and we'd like to go directly from
> camera to MPEG-2, and then record that with external software (doesn't
> have to be on the mythbox). We have a Hauppage PVR-250 which has an
> mpeg-2 encoder lying around, so we're thinking of dropping that into a
> box along with mythtv. Then, the files would be accessed over the
> local network for burning with Adobe Premiere.
> I'm not going to be recording TV with this at all, just programming a
> record button onto our AMX system and hooking it up to the computers
> serial port. How should I go around this? Is mythtv even the right
> choice?

I wouldn't even consider using MythTV for this. Is there a problem
with the Hauppauge Windows software? If I understand correctly, you
are wanting to click Record, capture some video, and click Stop - have
I missed something?

I'd use a DV camera and do all the capturing and editing directly in Premiere.


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