[mythtv-users] Any Feedback on using Myth on the ServerWorks LE-Tchipset?

Moasat mythtv at moasat.dyndns.org
Wed Dec 21 23:53:19 EST 2005

> as folks may recall from my previous posts, I'm building my 
> latest myth box on Tyan Thunder S2518GNR mainboard (dual 
> Socket370 with the ServerWorks III LE chipset).  I'm having a 
> bit of an issue with stuttering right now, namely a slight 
> out-of-sync between the video and audio.  I know that the Via 
> chipsets are known to have problems with DMA timing.  Does 
> anyone have any feedback, second-hand or not, on the 
> ServerWorks chipset that this mainboard uses?  My gut tells 
> me that the ServerWorks chipset should have little to do with 
> my problem since I'm running my HDDs from the onboard Promise 
> controller.
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I have a ServerWorks chipset.  ServerWorks LE, but it does not have an
onboard Promise controller.  Its an onboard LSI SCSI, which I'm not using.
I have not had this one hooked up for awhile but I am bringing it back
online with a PVR150.  I don't recall having any trouble with it.  I was
running svn version on it for awhile as a slave backend but when it recorded
to a local raid0 volume, the master backend would come along and try to
commflag and transcode it.  (The file was not local to the master so it
barfed and left lots of stuff in the logs).

To answer your question though, I don't recall having any trouble with it.
Make sure DMA is on for your drives.  Under Windows, this chipset would not
enable DMA by default.  It had to be forced.  I'm also having to force acpi
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