[mythtv-users] fglrx Pal, 50Hz

Micha Kersloot micha at kovoks.nl
Wed Dec 21 17:59:28 EST 2005

cardboil schreef:
> I'd been struggling with a similar issue in my machine (ATI Mobility 
> Radeon X300 with S-Video out), using the fglrx driver.
> The key was to include the following options my my xorg.conf (I am on 
> Myth SVN on FC4):
> <snip>
> Option "VideoOverlay" "on"
> Option "DesktopSetup" "clone"
> Option "OverlayOnCRTC2" "1"
> <snip>
> Of course, this means that you will get good video (with xv support) on 
> the TV, but a blue screen on your primary display (monitor or, in my 
> case, laptop LCD).

I do not have two displays. There is only a tv connected and that's used 
as my primary display. I do not have any problems with getting the image 
on my tv. I'm only strugling with the quality of the picture.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Micha Kersloot

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