[mythtv-users] recommended ivtv and firmaware versions for PVR-500

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Wed Dec 21 16:16:32 EST 2005

> Hi,
> Op 19-dec-2005, om 11:29 heeft Marius Schrecker het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi,
>>  Now that sound is (kinda) working I can devote myself to fixing the
>> terrible quality from my PVR-500.
> As i'm struggeling with some quality issues myself, are you sure the
> problems ar at the input side?
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Micha Kersloot


Pretty sure. There was a BIG difference between 0.5.1 / the firmware from
the ivtv website link, and 0.3.8 and the firmware from my CD (sorry, I'm
at a different box so no md5's this time). I'm not sure that the coax
connector on the back of the pvr-500 is optimal (feels a litle loose), so
I may be losing some signal there, but I do remember things being much
better, and quite acceptable back in the 0.3.7 days. Trouble is live TV
from Myth has been broken since I rolled back ivtv and I haven't had time
to fix it (probably won't until after Christmas). So I can only see the
results from MPlayer. I might try different firmware and/or 0.4.(1) if I
get a chance.

What kind of problems are you having?


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