[mythtv-users] So many options...which is best?

Mike hometeamnats-a at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 16:08:11 EST 2005

Let me start by saying that I've been running MythTV for a number of months, so this isn't really a newbie question. I'm running a single Myth box on Fedora Core 4 with a PVR-350. I used Jarod's guide to get it going, which made it a breeze (albeit somewhat time consuming.) Now I'm getting ready to build an entirely new multi-room system, and I'm struggling to decide how to do it. Below is what I have in mind with a few questions. Experienced insight would be appreciated.

In the family room, I'll have a Myth system hooked up to an LCD monitor and sound system (mid-range stuff.) It'll be used for TV and music, nothing more. But this is also the room where I can easily put a larger system without it being in the way of the room. Over in the kitchen I'll have another system with a small 19" LCD monitor, and this will be used for TV as well as web browsing and email and phone. Initially, I only want two encoders.

So my initial thought was to make the family room system the backend and run all of the encoders in there. (PVR500?) The frontend in the kitchen wouldn't have an encoder. But I don't like the idea of ugly homemade IR devices or the unnecessary cost for a decent commercial IR remote & receiver. Would it just make more sense to put a PVR 150 in each system to use the remotes with the encoders? I am leaning towards this now.

I'm also leaning towards using FC4 again (I looked at Knoppmyth, but their forums say to stay away from USB keyboard/mouse and SATA drives--a bit disconcerting of a notice in the year 2005.)  Does anybody who has set up multiple integrated Myth boxes have better suggestions?  Thanks for all input -- much appreciated.

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