[mythtv-users] Advice on a newbie MythTV system

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 13:51:51 EST 2005

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 13:07, Jason Arnold wrote:
> I am planning on building a myth system with the following
> design goals, in order:
> 1) Media server (ripped DVDs, CDs, recorded records,
> pictures)
> 2) Cheap
> 3) Weather, games, web, etc
> 4) Live TV
> 5) PVR
> Because of #2, I'm trying to figure out what the bare
> minimum is that I need to purchase and where I can gain
> some improvement to the later groups with minimal added
> costs.
> Here are my starting assets:
> 1) A dual-450 MHz P-II w/ several UW SCSI drives ...or...
> 2) A 1 GHz Athalon w/ interlaced memory (I think that I
> can go to 1.5 GHz with the current motherboard)
> 3) A 250 GB UDMA 133 drive (although I don't believe
> either motherboard supports 133 - the athalon supports
> 100)4) An ancient Nvidia TV-out/Video card
> 5) A Hauppauge PVR-150
> 6) An Nvidia 256 Video card
> 7) Misc sound and other cards laying around
> I'm planning on putting the box in the basement and
> snaking the video/audio up the wall to the living room, so
> noise isn't an issue.  I also need a new TV, preferrably
> around a 19 inch flat panel.
> So here's some questions:
> 1) Should I save a bit and use a monitor instead of a TV?
>  How well does that work for Myth?  If so, what's a
> generally acceptable delay on a flat panel in ns?

A monitor is technically best, but might be cost overkill.

> 2) Will something like a Hauppauge PVR-350 be enough to
> pull off most of the myth functions without a
> CPU/motherboard upgrade?

Yes, except for HD, but you don't look to be interested in that, so Yes.

If you end up with a new TV instead of a monitor:
You've got a PVR150, and if your video card has TV out then no need for a 
PVR350. If the video card doesn't have tv out, then adding a 350 will net you 
a second tuner and tv out.

> 3) If so, which motherboard should I use?  I can't use
> both as I need one for my desktop.

your cpu/mobo setup should be fine.

> 4) Any other words of wisdom?  Any other small upgrades
> with big payoffs?  I'd like to keep my costs under $200
> (excluding monitor/TV).

for basic OTA you'll be fine.


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