[mythtv-users] new myth hardware

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 03:57:08 EST 2005

> The tuners in the Hauppage PVR series are analog tuners -- they
> convert analog NTSC or PAL (etc) signals into MPEG2. To give them a
> signal to record, your source needs to be a clean analog signal,
> either from the antenna or cable, or from a converter box.

The PVR tuners can also capture and encode composite and S-Video
signals.  Basically pre-tuned analog signals carrying a single
channel.  Essentially these inputs bypass the tuners, and feed the
encoders directly.

On the PVR-500 each encoder can be fed from one of the coax, composite
or s-video inputs.

On the standard backplate there is a coax input that feeds both tuners
and one s-video and one composite input that go to one encoder each. 
You'd hope that these go to separate encoders, meaning you could
capture s-video and composite inputs simultaneously but I don't know; 
they might go to the same one meaning you could only use one or the

A separate adaptor exists, providing connections to the other
composite and s-video inputs allowing the full options on both
encoders to be used.

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