[mythtv-users] new myth hardware

Dhaval Patel dhaval at patel.sh
Tue Dec 20 21:32:49 EST 2005

William <wmunson at rochester.rr.com> said:

> > My questions are the following:
> > 
> > - I would like to watch live TV so I am considering getting a 
> > dual tuner card that is well supported by MythTV and has a 
> > hardware encoder/decoder. I am considering the PVR 500. Do 
> > you have comments/suggestions?
> A couple of other things to consider. First, unless your dish outputs two
> streams at the same time you are going to need 2 dish receivers. 

I can find out by trying to use Picture in Picture on my TV right? If the receiver is
able to send 2 things over 1 s-video cable, I should be able to see different channels
in the PiP. Right?

> The 2nd point is controlling your receivers. I dont think that there are any dish
> receivers that have serial port control so you are going to need a IR
> blaster device or two. The big issue with remote control on dish is that
> they use an odd frequency (56KHz vs 48KHz) which makes things interesting.
> If you do some searching of the archives you will see that about the only
> commmercial solution that works well is a device called "MyBlaster serial".
> I forget the url of the place that sells them but you can get the linux
> driver for it at myblaster.sourceforge.net That also is in the archives.

Hmm, have not thought of this much. Are you talking about how the MythTV box will
control the channels on the Dish receiver? (Man I wish I had cable :))

> I have a 2 receiver dishnetwork setup here if you want to pick my brain
> about it.

You are using 2 receivers because your receivers only output 1 channel/output? Do you
know if the newer receivers are able to do output 2 channels through 1 s-video cable?


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