[mythtv-users] new myth hardware

Dhaval Patel dhaval at patel.sh
Tue Dec 20 21:23:38 EST 2005

"R. Geoffrey Newbury" <newbury at mandamus.org> said:

> On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 15:01:31 -0500, Bob Coffman Jr. wrote:
> > I would like to watch live TV so I am considering getting a dual tuner
> >card that is well supported by MythTV and has a hardware encoder/decoder. I am
> >considering the PVR500. Do you have comments/suggestions?
> >
> >I think the PVR 500 is a fine choice, I have a similar setup (DirecTV/2
> >tuners/2 PVR 250s).

One receiver? 

> The PVR500 has 2 tuners running off one cable/antenna input. It has
> S-video and composite inputs. The PVR500 has NO video outputs. Each tuner
> has hardware encoder/decoder which really takes a load off the CPU.
> >- Do I just hookup the s-video cable from the receiver to the PVR500 or do
> >I need to some how have 2 s-video cables going in to the PVR 500 (2 receivers, 2
> >s-video outputs)?

> >You will plug your S-video cable into the 500 (I think that does TV-out) or
> >the Svideo-out connector on your video card.

If I was planning to use only 1 tuner I would take the s-video from the receiver and
plug it into the tv tuner card, but my question is does the receiver output 1 or 2
channels? I guess I can find out by trying to use Picture in Picture (I will do this
when I get home in a couple of days)
> No S-video out, only S-video in, on the PVR500. The PVR350 has only one
> tuner, but it does have S-video out..... Choices choices...

This card only has an encoder then not a decoder. No need to decode if it will not
output anything, is that a good assumption?

> >- Do I need a seperate video card that has s-video/component output to
> >connect to the TV? Any recommendations?

> >Nvidia FX5200 is a great choice if fanless.  Nvidia seems to be the way to
> >go.
> Or a motherboard which has a builtin mpeg hardware decoder such as the
> latest VIA motherboards. I have the SP130000 which has both VGA and
> S-video out, and has builtin XvMC acceleration.

I will keep both of these suggestions in mind, thanks. Was it difficult to get this VIA
motherboard to work? I heard about problems with VIA chipsets and MythTV. 

Is the SP130000 well supported in linux?

> >- If I get a good TV tuner card which has hardware encoder/decoder, can I
> >get by with a  slower processor? I have read about people using Athlons 1.8+ on    >
> their machines and see 50% CPU when saving at 640x480. Since my TV can             >
>support it, I would like to use the highest resolution possible. What are the         
      > > experience of the people on this list?

> >Athlon 1.2 worked for me for a long time with the above setup.  You will use
> >almost 0 CPU recording, and playback on the Tbird used about 30% CPU.

That helps, thanks. Is this for 720x480?

> I record with the PVR500 or the HD3000 card using 720x480 for standard
> definition TV. Recording 2 shows at once with the PVR500 gives about 7-10%
> load. Playback is about 30%. This motherboard will not likely do HD...I
> haven't gotten any HD content, either recorded or to play, to check it
> out. I'm not really worried about it at this stage.

You are using 30%  CPU even when you have a SP130000? (perhaps this is just acceleration
and not full decoding)
> Then again VIA has just announced a new motherboard/chipset combo for
> release early next year... It is supposed to do HD....using hardware
> encode/decode. Maybe I'll buy myself a late christmas present! The present
> mb would still make a rather nice fileserver here in the office..or just
> replace the Pentium200 which my wife does not use (often) for her email..

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