[mythtv-users] DBT Tuner Card Advice

Johan Venter johan at vulturest.com
Tue Dec 20 18:11:05 EST 2005

Shanon Mulley wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking to add another DVB-T Tuner card to my myth machine, and
> after the troubles I had getting my current work working (An Avermedia
> 771), I'd like to make sure that my next one has a proven track record
> with linux.
> Right now, I'm looking at the Fusion range (the computer shop I like
> to deal with stocks a few of these). I like the idea of the Fusion
> HDTV DVB-T Dual Digital (at
> http://www.fusionhdtv.co.kr/ENG/Products/DualDigital.aspx) - according
> to the blurb, it will give me two TV Tuners (Or - ability to watch one
> channel, and record another at the same time). Has anyone gotten this
> working with mythtv? Do the linux drivers let you use the dual
> functionality of this?

Don't know about the Fusion card, but I use an Hauppauge NOVA-T with 
MythTV on Debian Linux without any hassles here in Australia.

Channel tuning and LiveTV are excellent, and the included IR receiver 
and remote work like a charm (though the remote repeat rate could be 

I had to slightly modify the budget-ci module in the kernel when I 
installed the card to get all the buttons on the remote working (the 
author of the module wrote it for a more limited remote), but it's easy 
to do.

Hope you find what you're looking for.



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