[mythtv-users] Great source for channel icons (was --> "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com")

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Tue Dec 20 15:21:00 EST 2005

> UK. Let me know if you have probs (or even better, fixes) and I'll help out 
> where I can. It's not commented, and probably fragile in places, but it works 

 I just tried this out and the first thing I noticed was that the loop to go 
through the list of channels/icons doesn't actually skip the rest if you hit 
"." as you are resetting the end variable before the while loop starts again.
Moving the "end=0" to just before the for loop worked for me.

 Now if only we can get the name matches to find more of them. For me
it takes a while with a few hundred channels :)  Or better
come up with a master list(s) for each country that could be distributed with
it? Maybe check the master list for a match, if no match then try the fuzzy 

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