[mythtv-users] "Windowed" Front-end?

Dwight Hubbard dwight.hubbard at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 14:59:25 EST 2005

Well, I have a program I coded in python that creates a simple windowed
player that can play recorded programs in a window that can be resized,
etc.  But it doesn't do anything more than that and it doesn't have a
configuration dialog as of yet so some things are hard coded for my
environement.   It also requires the directory containing the recordings be
nfs mounted.  About the only thing it does the current frontend doesn't is
it handles window resizing like any other window.

If anyone wants to play with the code I'd be happy to have put it up

However, my current focus is on splitting the front-end functionality into
multiple parts to get it to do some advanced stuff I want to do for my own
needs so adding functionaly that the current mythtv frontend has isn't at
the top of my list.

On 12/20/05, Greg Estabrooks <greg at phaze.org> wrote:
> > also.  So, basically, a "windowed" front-end that doesn't take over the
> > full screen.  Is there anything like that?
> There is a menu option in the mythfrontend settings to make myth
> windowed rather than fullscreen. So she would be able to drag it around
> the
> screen. You can also specify the size of the window in those menus.
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