[mythtv-users] RE: Configuring SPDIF digital out. (SOLVED!)

Johan Kihlström johan.kihlstrom at bredband.net
Tue Dec 20 10:43:55 EST 2005

Hello all,

Finally broke the wall surrounding me, my Xbox and SPDIF!

Since I use the .asoundrc from the DigitalSound HowTo on the Xbox, which
has Digital Output but no IEC958 device, I solved the xine troubles I
was having by replacing the 


line in .xine/config with


since the mixed-digital .asoundrc defaults to the SPDIF.

No more problems in Xine, not even when they switch between 2-channel
Stereo in menus, and full 5.1 or DTS on the DVD.

Now I see the light in the end of the tunnel (and NO, it's not a

I'll think I'll go see if the STB is ready for retirement yet, since I
now have a reciever to go with AC3 sound on the DVB channels as well.

Thanks everybody for the invaluable help and nudges in the right

Happy holidays


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