[mythtv-users] Any MythTV app segmantation faults! HELP!

Gabriel SchÝnau Hansen gabriel at schoenau.dk
Tue Dec 20 05:22:17 EST 2005


Mike G: Thanks a lot for your input, Mike, though it didnít fix my probs!
:-) I have already been all over the place, including your suggestions,
which btw are ace :-)


I decided to test why the annoying hd-failures kept creeping up, and threw
in an old 40 gig Samsung drive (WD400) as slave on IDE0:1. I installed
Mythdora on this, but even though I could get all the way through to
mythtv-setup, those pesky dma int errors kept creeping up on me, now on the
/dev/hdb which is the Samsung!


Either I have a faulty Motherboard, or theres a specific
patch/kerneloption/whatever Iím missing out on regarding my Abit KT7-raid


Strange thing is, after installing mythdora 1.5, I got all the way to setup,
but after fiddling about for a bit, I only managed to setup the Capture Card
settings, then in the channel settings I opt for Danish channels plus
Europe-west channel setup (yeah, Iím Danish! :-) ), and on exiting this, it
tries to update but completely stalls on 50 %. Is this supposed to take
long, or could it be stalled due wrong Capture Card setup?





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Hi Gabriel,


I had hoped someone else would follow up, as I haven't seen your exact
problem.  I can only offer general advice, but I hope it helps.  I recently
got Myth running on a fresh Gentoo install (with a 500 card) without major
problems (Gentoo was more trouble than Myth was).  If you're having "HUGE"
problems, it might be time to back up a little bit, because (assuming your
hardware is OK; it may not be), it shouldn't be that hard.  Most of the
problems I've had were from rushing through installation; when I go back and
read the instructions more carefully, things generally work better.


IMO, the key to success is: getting one thing running at a time, and making
sure it works before moving to the next item.  Also, I'd try getting the
bare-bones Myth running before adding any other packages (I love portage,
but I would expect that uninstalling things would leave loose ends causing
more problems).  I'd also leave out any startup automation until later; even
if you have to manually start X, mythbackend, and mythfrontend, you'll at
least know it works in the simplest possible case.  And your hard drive
errors sound pretty bad; if the drive and interface check out, maybe there's
a misconfiguration in the kernel, fstab, etc.  When/if you start over, spend
some extra time on the drive config and test it if possible (this is beyond
my knowledge, maybe someone else can help).


The websites which really helped me out were:









I know this isn't much help, but consider it encouragement. ;) Good luck!


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