[mythtv-users] new myth hardware

Dhaval Patel dhaval at patel.sh
Mon Dec 19 20:54:35 EST 2005

Hello all. I am planning on building a brand new MythTV system. I considered getting
Tivo but after reading about MythTV and seeing screenshots I was impressed. I have read
quite a bit about the hardware that would go into a system like this but I am still
unclear about certain things. 

My setup:

I am subscribed to Dish Network and have the cable coming from the satellite to the Dish
Receiver. I then use an s-video cable from the receiver to my TV. 

My questions are the following:

- I would like to watch live TV so I am considering getting a dual tuner card that is
well supported by MythTV and has a hardware encoder/decoder. I am considering the PVR
500. Do you have comments/suggestions?

- Do I just hookup the s-video cable from the receiver to the PVR500 or do I need to
some how have 2 s-video cables going in to the PVR 500 (2 receivers, 2 s-video outputs)?

- Do I need a seperate video card that has s-video/component output to connect to the
TV? Any recommendations?

- If I get a good TV tuner card which has hardware encoder/decoder, can I get by with a
slower processor? I have read about people using Athlons 1.8+ on their machines and see
50% CPU when saving at 640x480. Since my TV can support it, I would like to use the
highest resolution possible. What are the experience of the people on this list?


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