[mythtv-users] recommended ivtv and firmaware versions for PVR-500

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Mon Dec 19 05:29:26 EST 2005


 Now that sound is (kinda) working I can devote myself to fixing the
terrible quality from my PVR-500.
I'm currently using 0.5.1 with the following firmware:

5f5fa240ada73c3565f5f7de4c7b5138  /lib/firmware/HcwFalcn.rom
symlinked to v4l-cx2341x-enc.fw

3a4803384f749d644ee1f1ca9dcb12fa  /lib/firmware/HcwMakoA.ROM
symlinked to v4l-cx25840.fw

The "tuning woes" thread suggests that iovtv 0.3.8 is the most
trouble-free version and as I had good results with 0.3.7 I'm considering
trying this first and using the firmware from the cd (as before).

Only problem I can think of is that the 0.5.1 stuff included a rebuild of
v4l, so presumably I need to recompile all my v4l stuff from the vanilla
kernel source before I can use older ivtv drivers. Is this true?

Any better suggestions for PAL cards?



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