[mythtv-users] Adventures in HDTV - Notes from the trenches

Matt Mossholder matt at mossholder.com
Mon Dec 19 01:03:59 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-18 at 23:52 -0500, Steve Adeff wrote:

> > 2) A display capable of 720p is preferable to one capable of 1080i,
> > under many circumstances. 720p has less flicker, and presents less
> > problems from a display driver standpoint. One that supports both (or
> > 1080p) is even better.
> no HDTV currently accepts 1080p input. 
> 1080i should be fine, I can't imagine any noticable flicker in a proper set up 
> on a good 1080i tv. Hell, even my cheap Sanyo displays 1080i with no 
> noticable flicker.
> If your TV is not actually a native 1080i tv though, then there might be some 
> issue with 1080i input.

    I'm not seeing flicker in video content, but definitely see it in
the GUI. The higher refresh rate of 720p also does wonders for sports
programs. There are actually quite a few 1080p devices out now. The new
Sony line, for example. Not sure how you get the signal there, but they
have been advertising it far and wide. The display that I almost bought
also supported 1080p.

> >     *) If you require interlaced display modes, choose version 6629, if
> > you are using progressive, you can go with the latest version.
> Interesting. So interlace does work on the older drivers! I wonder what the 
> downside to running 6629 over 7676 is. Time to get a GeForce card with a GPU 
> that supports interlaced output....

    The big downside for me is that they only support the 6600 and 6800
cards at 6629. I have a 6200.

> >     *) if you are using an AudioAuthority 9A60 VGA-> Component adapter,
> > be aware that somewhere above version 6629 the nVIDIA drivers began
> > experiencing an issue when using 1080i mode, where the display would be
> > shifted such that the left and right edges are in the middle of the
> > screen.
> If your using an NVidia card to output to a 1080i tv you should be using the 
> DVI connector, if not, just get one with built in component hdtv output and 
> sell the AudioAuthority box.

    The problem below is why using the DVI port is suboptimal... it
isn't too back on SD content, but HD experiences quite a bit of tearing
w/o VBlank support.
    Here's a link to a thread that discusses the split screen bug:


> >     *) There is an outstanding bug in versions higher than 6629 when
> > utilizing a DVI connection which prevents the use of xv VBlank syncing.
> > I've seen it mentioned that this is just with interlaced modes, but in
> > my experience, it seems to crash right away whenever the DVI port is
> > being used.
> I don't understand this issue? I'm using 7676 with DVI output and it doesn't 
> crash.

    Here are a few links to other people experiencing the VBlank
problem. Basically, if I have VBlank enabled, and play back video
content with Xv, the system hangs. On further inspection it isn't
limited to DVI...


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