[mythtv-users] video podcast on mythweb? (and other questions)

Michael Freeman mythtv at mlfreeman.org
Sun Dec 18 23:09:32 EST 2005

Has anyone ever considered making a "video podcast" option for use with

I could see that coming in handy if you own an ipod with video
capability...have mythbackend automatically transcode a copy of your
recordings to 320x240 (or whatever the ipod's resolution is) and then make
the results available as an RSS feed via mythweb...so you can subscribe
itunes to it and Have your myth recordings on the go automatically.

Adding preconfigured 'copy-and-transcode-to-low-res-for-mobile-device'
options might be nice for mythbackend even if you left out the rss feed on
I'd be willing to work with someone on making such an addin (if you can
provide me with documentation on the organization of mythweb & mythbackend).

Incidentally, does anyone know why i might be experiencing freezups at
random? i've got mythfrontend for os x running on a powerbook g4 1.5 GHz (1
gb ram, 128 mb radeon 9700, os x 10.4) connected over 802.11g to an access
point 10 feet away behind a wooden closet door.
Mythbackend is running on my gentoo linux box (with a dual-tuner wintv
pvr500) feeding live tv to it, but at seemingly-random intervals the feed
I have to hit escape on the laptop and choose 'watch tv' again to get it to
play again (the app doesn't crash; rather, the feed seems to freeze).
These freezes come suddenly...there's no other indication of an issue (i've
run mythfrontend from the other side of the house, so I know how it performs
on a poor-quality wifi link).
The only thing I haven't had a chance to do is watch tv for a suatained
length of time on the linux box itself to see if these freezes happen on a
local / loopback connection.

Michael L. Freeman
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