[mythtv-users] Video distortion/fracturing at top quarter ofscreen

Alan Anderson andersonas at adelphia.net
Sun Dec 18 22:11:32 EST 2005


I posted this on the ivtv-users list and one of the developers made a 
suggestion that appears to fix the problem.

 The thread is:  [ivtv-users] Distortion on top 1/4 of screen  PVR-150

>>There aren't many changes that can cause something like this. In fact, I 
>>can think of only one. Switch to 0.4.1, edit ivtv-streams.c, go to line 
>>975 and uncomment the lines:
>>//              if (atomic_read(&itv->capturing) == 0)
>>//                      ivtv_vapi(itv, IVTV_API_ENC_MISC, 2, 3, 1);

I made the change and testing with mplayer for a few hours the distortion 
appears to be gone.  Ther ghost image I saw before under 0.4.1 also appears 
to be gone.

0.5.1 has this same code commented out.  So I would imagine making the same 
change would help there also.

However mythtv has a new issue with 0.4.1 version of the ivtv driver.

When I attempt to watch live tv the screen freezes after a second and 
eventually mythfrontend times out and complains that it has a problem with 
the video.

2005-12-18 19:45:40.262 Video timing method: SGI OpenGL
2005-12-18 19:45:40.479 prebuffering pause
2005-12-18 19:45:59.733 ReadStringList timeout (quick).
Remote encoder not responding.
2005-12-18 19:45:59.733 WriteStringList: Bad socket
2005-12-18 19:45:59.733 ReadStringList: Bad socket
Remote encoder not responding.
2005-12-18 19:45:59.734 WriteStringList: Bad socket
2005-12-18 19:45:59.734 ReadStringList: Bad socket
Remote encoder not responding.
ASSERT: "i <= nodes" in /usr/lib/qt-3.3/include/qvaluelist.h (373)

This is slightly different then the timeout I saw with the new firmware.  

So I will probably go back to 0.3.8

Alan Anderson

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