[mythtv-users] Serial DCT Control (dct2224/dct2524)

Chris myth at phresh.net
Sun Dec 18 17:45:02 EST 2005

I've been trying for some time now to get serial channel changing
working, hopefully someone here can provide me with some insight into
the whole problem.

I've got the following:
2x Motorola DCT-2224, firmware version: 7.93
1x Motorola DCT-2524, firmware version: 2.54

I've tried a few different scripts to just try and change the channel
for now, none of which seem to work. When I connect the serial port of a
windows box to these DCTs, hitting enter results in gibberish coming
back from the DCT, followed by the f/w version. I assume this is some
sort of menu prompt (VxWorks?), the reason I assume this is because when
I go through the alphabet on the 2524, different keys produce different
outputs. Seeing as I get gibberish from all three is it safe to assume
that their serial ports are enabled?

When I run the serial cable from the FC4 box to the windows box and run
the python scripts, I do get output over in Hyperterm, so it looks like
I'm sending the data out.

I remember reading in one of the python scripts that it wanted v2.2, but
on my new FC4 box, I have python 2.4 installed, should this be an issue?

I seem to be able to get everything else working except serial channel
changing, so hopefully someone will be able to help me out.


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