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Wylie Swanson top-posted (grr):
>On 10/31/05, * Rudy Zijlstra* <mythtv at edsons.demon.nl 
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>>Shawn wrote:
>>>John Cartwright wrote:
>>>>I've got a PVR-150. Sometimes for whatever reason mine gets
>>>>recognized as a PVR-250 like your dmesg output says in which case I
>>>>lose video.
>>>This has happened to me also, and performing a cold boot (turning the
>>>machine off and unplugging it for 30 seconds) usually does the trick.
>>No, With the HW retaining settings until all kinds of elcos and such
>>have fully lost power....
>>Combined with it being very difficult to fully reset the HW (result of
>>HW design).
> Unfortunately, cold power cycle has not seemed to do the trick.

Try including "options ivtv cardtype=6" im /etc/modules.conf (or wherever your 
distro wants module options...for Gentoo, it's /etc/modules.d/ivtv).  I 
recently ran into this problem with a PVR-150 in a box I'm setting up as a 
surveillance DVR.  A warm reboot would cause the card to be detected as a 
PVR-250, which kept it from working.  Forcing the card type should get it 
working for you.

If you have multiple capture cards controlled by ivtv, you'll want to set the 
correct card type for each.  Determine which card is in which PCI slot and pass 
them to the kernel module in slot-number order.  For instance, if you have a 
PVR-250 in slot 1 and a PVR-150 in slot 2, you would want to use "options ivtv 
cardtype=1,6" to set up both cards.  Use "modinfo ivtv" to get the list of 
valid card types (plus other options you can tweak).

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