[mythtv-users] recording every day....

Maurizio Salvadeo maurizio at icsnet.it
Sun Dec 18 11:59:52 EST 2005

> This sounds like you are using Manual Recording. If so, you may
> have wanted to mention that so that you wouldn't get a clueless
> wrong answer in reply (however, knowing the M.O. of the responder,
> I'm not sure that would have prevented it). If you are not grabbing
> listings yet, you should try to resolve that as soon as possible
> as recording from TV listings is much more useful than manual
> recording.
i'd like to record from TV listings, but for italy there isn't a grabber.
well, to record 7 days is easy. now my problem is the limit of 2 weeks.
thanks all for your help.
Maurizio Salvadeo

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