[mythtv-users] Autoloading subtitles with xine?

Paul Barker myth at sixtimesnine.net
Sun Dec 18 09:34:42 EST 2005

Simon Lundell wrote:

> Hi!
> Mplayer is able to load subtitle files automatically, it loads 
> subtitles with the same filename (without extension) as the movie 
> file. Is it possible to make Xine do the same?
> //Simon
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I have this scripted and put a custom player command in for movies with 
subs. Script is something like this:


SUB=`echo $FILE | awk -F. '{print $1}'`

/usr/bin/xine $FILE#subtitle:$SUB.sub

My subtitle files all have a .sub extention, are in the same directory 
as the movie file and have the same filename before the extentsion. For 
example the sub file for GhostInTheShell.avi is GhostInTheShell.sub. I 
set up a filter in the Video manager to make Myth ignore files called 
*.sub so the don't get listed in the movie lists.


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