[mythtv-users] Recording HDTV via cable in the US? (yes another one)

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Sun Dec 18 02:16:32 EST 2005


I've just bought a new HDTV and switched over to a HDTV cable box from 
my cable company (Bright House Networks).  They gave me a Motorola 
DCT6200 DVR for two months because they were out of plain non-DVR HDTV 
cables boxes (DCT5100's I believe is what they are using for that). 

So now I'd like to hook that into MythTV to record HDTV content in 720p 
HDTV format (what my TV supports).  What's the status of HD recording 
under Linux?  Is this possible yet?  I know you can do OTA HD 
recording.. but can you do QAM now too if you run everything through the 
cable box first?  I'd like to record HBO,TNT,OLN, and Discover HD in HD 
in addition to the local channels I can get OTA.  If it's possible which 
HD card would I need?  The HD-3000 or Air2PC etc...?  With the DCT6200 
I'm pretty sure Bright House doesn't offer a coaxial output even though 
the box supports one.  That kills that one I think.  I plan to get a 
plain DCT5100 anyway though.. which hopefully does have one.  If not is 
there someway to record in HD with Component or IEEE1394?    

Also if none of this is possible would I be able to at least us the 
Svideo output to record in 16:9 DVD quality?  I have 2 PVR-250's and a 
PVR-500 which are both supposed to support up to 720x480 if I'm not 

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