[mythtv-users] no keyboard problem

travis eddy boscotwo at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 18 00:08:44 EST 2005

hey guys... i've got a new one for you all....
ok this isn't a mythtv only problem too
when i run myth ( i've been using it for years and this problem gets me )
i've got n control..... i can see the screen theme whatever you want to call 
it... but i got no keyboard control or mouse ( mouse i know i shouldn't have 
) but my keyboard dosen't work.... i have to do a atl+tab to swtich to 
something else so i can kill mythfrontend to get it to close.
and this problem also happens to zsnes, only it only happens when zsnes is 
fullscreen , windows it runs fine.... so what is my problem? i can't figure 
it out.


mandrake 10.2
gf4 ti
amd 3000+ 333 fsb ( de tuned to run at like 1.7ghz)
700 or so megs
anything else you may need to know?

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