[mythtv-users] Few items: IR, Multiple recording directories, etc..

Greg Oliver goliver at cistera.com
Sat Dec 17 20:16:25 EST 2005

OK - I have been using myth for a couple months for mainly DVD
ripping/displaying throughout the house, but have a few questions I
cannot find answered in the archives.

1.  Unfortunately I have a Dish Network DVR 522, which has 1 RF and one
IR remote.  I have a universal Pronto TSU3000 which will do both, but
from what I can see, LIRC will only do IR.  The PVR-522 only allows
recording one channel from the same channel - In other words, if I
schedule it from tuner 2, it only records from tuner 2 and I can only
watch from tuner 1 on a different channel (which is why I want MythTV
badly).  I will assume the easiest route will be to buy 2 separate
tuners for Dish and have 2 capture cards.

2.  When ripping DVDs it originally wanted a destination directory,
which I filled and then changed to a new directory followed by (:)s in
the configuration which was recommended by a mailing list member
originally.  If I do change the recording directory, every time I go
into video setup, all the original videos from the original directory
seem lost to myth even though in MySQL, they are correct, it always asks
me to delete them from the GUI when I am doing an IMDB lookup for new
recording.  If I tell it no to all, it works fine, but I would really
like a way around this.

3.  I really do not want to run LVM2 because I have differing hard drive
capacities and it wastes space in that situation, so I am looking for a
way to do it differently - any ideas?

4.  I need an IR receiver, an IR blaster, and an RF blaster on one
machine - is that possible with dual capture cards?  I can get an IR/RF
transceiver for my remote, but the LIRC page and nothing I have found
here point me in the right direction.



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