[mythtv-users] RE: Configuring SPDIF digital out.

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Sat Dec 17 18:55:53 EST 2005

> I might suggest that all alsa utilities, alsactl, and everything else is
> NOT required
> to use digital out with MythTV.  I'm using MythTV 0.18.1 on Gentoo and I
> only
> have the necessary alsa drivers compiled in the kernel. I've never used
> alsamixer
> or alsactl, or installed/emerged alsa-utils, alsamixer, aplay, or anything
> else
> alsa related. I'm not starting any alsa services during startup. The only
> thing I did is:
> Enable alsa support and driver in the kernel.
> Put .asoundrc in my home directory.
> Set MythTV as follows:
>   -Enable AC3
>   -Device = "ALSA:digital"
>   -Mixer = "digital"
> and that's it.  I also have all the other mythplugins working by setting
> their device
> to ALSA:digital. Is my setup unique, or are people doing more than need to
> to get digital audio working?

The simpler the better. I don't care how little is installed as long as I
can get digital output, so far no go, everything looks as if it should be
working, just no sound :(

I'd love to know how to test spdiff out as simply as possible, if I can
bypass aplay then so much the better!
Can I stream a 48KHz file straight to spdiff out?


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