[mythtv-users] Building first MythTV back end box...

Kirk Grell kirkgrell at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 17 03:40:16 EST 2005

You guys are awesome!!  Thanks for helping me with

I'll definitely go with the 150 (probably the MCE
version).  Smaller board, less heat, cheaper, easier
to setup, yet good quality.  And It didn't even dawn
on me that I'd be using the S-Video input on the card
instead of the tuner.  Duh.  :)

Thanks again for your help!

Just thought of a couple of more questions.

1) How does the audio work on the PVR150 in MythTV. 
Would the audio outputs on the receiver go to the
audio inputs on the 150 or to the audio input of the
sound card?

2) In a Shuttle XPC case running at 3Ghz with the
other components mentioned in my original post, would
bumping the hard drive from 200G to 300G be a cause
for concern regarding both heat and the power
requirements?  The Shuttle case only has a 250W power


--- John Andersen <jsamyth at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12/16/05, Kirk Grell <kirkgrell at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > I could bump down to PVR-150.  Main thing is that
> I
> > really want as high quality of video as I can get
> > before transcoding.  In terms of MPEG2, does
> output
> > from the PVR-150 look as good as output from the
> > PVR-350?
> I have one of each.
> I think the video on the 150 is a bit softer than
> the 350,
> perhaps due to better comb filters.  Both cards work
> fine
> with 18.1, and ivtv 0.4.1.  (I had problems getting
> 0.4.0 working on the 150 card, but it might have
> been
> my H.U.A. disease.
> My 150 card is MCE version, which includes a FM
> Radio tuner
> but no TVout (because it has no decoder).
> Note that in really small computer cases, the 150
> fits better
> than the 350, because the 350 is just enough longer
> to
> impose some difficulty in small cases.
> You can't beat the price of a 150.
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