[mythtv-users] fine tuning live

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Fri Dec 16 15:37:10 EST 2005

> On Friday 16 December 2005 09:53, Martijn MorriŽn wrote:
>> You could use MythWeb at the same time (or from another machine,
>> probably most convenient) to update the finetune values and then
>> switch channels while watching LiveTV, this should show direct
>> results.
>> Mass updating is also possible with MythWeb. You can change all
>> finetune values for all channels in one go. Another option is to
>> directly update the database (but I have no experience in that).
>> If you know the exact frequency of the channel you can calculate the
>> finetune value. Explanation can be found here
>> http://www.mythwiki.de/index.php/HOWTO_Mythfilldatabase (German
>> explanation) based on that information I created an online calculator a
>> few
>> months ago (http://www.escay.nl/mythtv/frequency2channel.php)
> Speaking of tuning,  the first time I tried mythtv, I first tried kdetv
> (kde
> viewing program for kde) to make sure the capture card is working.  Kdetv
> can
> scan for channels and most of the time, it can discover the name of the
> channel.  How hard can it be put this in mythtv?  It also based on qt.
> So you don't have to enter any of the frequency's because mythtv can scan
> for
> them.
> The same goes for finetuning.  My tv can do this.  It scans for a channel
> and
> then you can see it finetuning for that frequency.  I think it just tries
> some frequency's, measure the signal quality and/or the image quality and
> it
> picks the best frequency it found.
That sort of functionality would be really great. Even using ptune-ui
tofind the frequency isn't that good, because it takes such a long time to
change the frequency through enough Hz to see the difference in MPlayer. I
ended up lowering the frequency for one channel by about 50 Hz, the others
I gave up on and left the frequency that Myth found from its scan. Another
thing that would be great is some kind of signal strength metering (like
the early hi-fi fm radios had). I wondered if ivtv had this somewhere, but
gave up looking.


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