[mythtv-users] native lirc support no go in 0.18.2

Jon lists at bigjjs.com
Fri Dec 16 00:29:57 EST 2005

I'm running a current svn of the 0.18.2 branch with a kernel and lirc 0.73pre1 and a PVR350 remote on a slackware 10.2 box.  Everything is working great except for native lirc support in myth.  When I built mythtv configure indicated that lirc was enabled, however I'm unable to use my remote in mythtv.  
I'm able to use irw just fine to see commands.  
I have irexec running to catch a kill script similar to the one on Jarod's site and if I use irexevent I can use my remote with myth just fine.  
What I am unable to do is use the remote in myth directly.  I have tried various combinations of .lircrc files and currently I have deleted all of them except for /etc/lircrc.  Some of the contents of that file are:
# Power Button
prog = irexec
button = Power
repeat = 10
config =/usr/local/bin/mythoff.sh

# Channel Up
prog = irxevent
button = Ch+
repeat = 3
config = Key Up CurrentWindow

# Channel Down
prog = mythtv
button = Ch-
repeat = 10
config = Down

With this config I can use the Ch+ button and the power button but not the Ch- button.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have been wrestling with this for hours with no progress.  I'm going to move everything over to use irexevent for now, but that is not where I would like to end up.

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