[mythtv-users] appologies and hopefully and explination of my issue and thinking

Dennis Gilmore dennis at dgilmore.net
Thu Dec 15 21:32:07 EST 2005

Firstly to the person i was speaking with in irc last night i apologize  i was 
tired and cranky  and shouldn't have started trying to sort out my problem at 
that point.  

Though as a note to all developers you need to be patient and not jump down 
somebodys throat at the first chance you get.

My sytsem is as follows
Athlon64 3200+
160gb sata hdd
512mb ram
Nvidia video card doing tvout
audigy2 sound card

So to explain my issue.  about a month ago i updated my system that was 
working to the latest atrpms packages. after the upgrade schueduled 
recordings stopped happening.  the backend would lock up the input saying it 
was in use the show would show in the list of recodings  but the file would 
be 0 bytes.  i made no configuration changes.  so i figured it was a bug 
introduced by Axel unfortunately  i had cleaned my yum cache out the version 
i had been running was no longer available so i couldn't do a simple 

So i figured  why not update to svn  and check out how the new things are 
going.  so off i went and checked out the svn tree and built it.  The current 
svn feature that records every show while annoying   i think has been 
somewhat beneficial. (this was a bone of contention with whoever it was 
helping me)  So let me state my reasoning's here for why i said its the same 
as scheduled recordings. so live tv uses different profiles yes.  i have 
checked and all my profiles are exactly the same.  so live tv  gets recorded 
and the mpg file ends up in /home/shared along with my old scheduled 
recordings.   I haven't looked at the code.  but to me the classes that 
record to disk, change channels, do transcoding etc should be the same for 
both options  in grabbing a tv show.  the only difference being when not 
watching a scheduled recording  you don't need the osd menus  or to output 
the video.

I like to watch and record some shows (SG1 and atlantis) while i watch them.  
so to me its the same thing   it does the same thing  i expect the same 
result. so while in the past the code was different between "recording and 
watching"  and watching  in that   it used to buffer the show  and delete it 
when watching tv  and put to hdd whien recording.  it now acts the same. i 
had assumed that the majority of the code was shared between the two 
application functions as the do such similar things,  and to an end user they 
are almost identical.

I did make one change to my configs since it stopped working   Last night i 
turned off transcoding shows after recording.  So i will see if this does 

and when it all boils down  maybe i have had something messed up from the 
start  and was just lucky that things worked.  and a bug fix exposed my screw 



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