[mythtv-users] Recent recordings distort video and there is no sound

Rob Greene robgreene at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 21:28:02 EST 2005

Has anyone else had recordings within the last week or so get hosed?

My Myth backend is still recording scheduled shows, but what gets
recorded has no sound and the picture seems to be cropped and zoomed
(resulting in the right-hand side of the image being off screen).

Older recordings are just fine. I didn't upgrade the software until
_after_ this issue showed up hoping that the mess was already fixed.

My front-end is the Media MVP, but since older recordings are ok, I
think the front-end is fine (the code definately hasn't been updated
for a couple of months).

The backend, as of tonight, is running the latest from apt and has a
PVR 250 and PVR 350.

Any ideas?


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