[mythtv-users] Xine issues

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Dec 15 20:37:56 EST 2005

Alex Brekken wrote:

> For anyone looking for another option, I've had pretty good luck using 
> xxmc.  So far it seems to give the best picture - virutally as good as 
> my standalone DVD player.    Xvmc doesn't work at all

I'll bet XvMC is working better than you think.  ;)

xxmc is "eXtended XvMC" and is the name of xine's XvMC video output 
plugin that supports NVIDIA (standard) XvMC, VLD XvMC, and falls back to 
Xv if XvMC is unavailable.  xine doesn't have an "xvmc" plugin (using 
any combination of capitalization), so it doesn't recognize it as a 
valid video output plugin.



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