[mythtv-users] frontend segfaults

n3hat at fuse.net n3hat at fuse.net
Thu Dec 15 18:18:25 EST 2005

I've been setting up a Myth fe/be using the instructions at <http://www.abarbaccia.com/>. I'm using an Intel motherboard (810 chipset? I'm not in front of it attm) with 2.2GHz Celeron, HD3000, onboard video and sound, no LIRC yet. I'm using the DVB drivers for the HD3000.  So far I've been starting mythfrontend and mythbackend from xterms so I can see the messages.

The other night I got to the point where I had all my channels configured and was able to watch a bit of SD live tv. It even had sound. I started changing channels and landed on WLWT-1 which is NBC in HD. The frontend segfaulted and I have not been able to watch anything since -- whenever I try to watch live or recorded shows, it segfaults. One possible explanation that occurs to me is that the frontend has kept track of what channel it was last tuned to, and is trying to select the bad channel when it starts, causing the segfault to recur.  

In an attempt to move the tuner off the bad channel, I scheduled several kids' shows to record off PBS, assuming that they are in SD. I got several large .nuv files in the video directory. Yet every one I've tried to watch (Ok, haven't tried them all) results in the frontend segfaulting. I've tried to play a couple of the .nuv files with mplayer and it appears that they contain valid data -- I get a larger-than-the-screen video with audio of what I assume to be whatever the PBS HD channel was playing alongside the Arthur show I wanted -- either that, or my system clock's off. I have not found a way to select a different virtual channel in the recorded stream, but have not had time to study the mplayer docs in detail. I've satisfied myself that the files contain real data. I am sure that my display drivers are not optimal (yet), since the display is jerky. I'll get an FX5200 Real Soon Now, but figured that jerky is better nothing.

Any idea why mythfrontend segfaults when I try to play the recorded video?

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