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Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Thu Dec 15 18:13:57 EST 2005

I think it might be beneficial to keep a certain amount of LiveTV  
when your limit is reached. Suppose I'm watching LiveTV and have 2GB  
free. I'd much rather delete a program set to auto-expire from months  
ago to make room for another LiveTV show. If LiveTV keeps x MB and  
starts forcing older recordings to expire, I can now record the last  
LiveTV show I watched (or 2 or 3 depending on what I set my LiveTV  
buffer to) and expire the old shows I watched months ago. It's a lot  
better than not being able to rewind back the last show you missed  
because your drive is full and Myth decided to keep some old show  
from months ago that you had set to auto-expire and start eating up  
your LiveTV buffer.

I feel that LiveTV is "more important" than old programs, but not  
recent (unwatched) programs. But I also feel that old LiveTV (more  
than x amount of time ago) is less important then old programs  
(suppose someone leaves LiveTV on for days and now all your programs  
have expired). The only good way to achieve that balance between what  
LiveTV is "important" and which is not is to have a setting specific  
to LiveTV buffer and let the users decide how much LiveTV is  
important to them. Isn't this why it was implemented that way in the  
first place?

Of course, this is all theoretical. Who watches LiveTV anyway?? ;)

On Dec 15, 2005, at 3:29 PM, Greg Estabrooks wrote:

>> never knowing how much space is actually free on the disk. This is  
>> more
>> troublesome than the old method because you could always rely on the
>> upper limit of the ring buffer in the past (This is obviously only
>  Well you can set a limit on how much space recordings are allowed  
> to take
> up..... so how is this different ?
>  OLD :
>     LiveTV Max Size = BLAH
>     Recordings Max Size = BLAH2
>  New
>     Recordings+LiveTV Max Size = BLAH3
>  Just set BLAH3 to what you want it to be (or set it to BLAH2 +  
> BLAH). LiveTV
> items will always get removed first so you are no worse off than  
> before.
>> Are the live-tv recordings deleted once you leave live-tv or do they
>> remain until they auto expire?
>  They auto expire. At they are expired before any regular  
> recordings do
> so you wont loose a recording unless all livetv is already gone.
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