[mythtv-users] Re: how to convert xmltv files to html

Dave Whitehead david.j.whitehead at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 17:22:51 EST 2005

> can someone say how i can convert xmltv listings to the html format?
> which tools are available and where i can find them?
> Thanks
> Simon

Using XSL is the best way, I've written a XSL based TV Guide using data in
xmltv format that can be used offline just using IE6 or Firefox (link
below).  I use it all the time and so far have added the following

Upcoming favourites automatically checked
Day Programme Listing
Day Programme Grid (needs more work)
Listing 1 channel / all days (needs work on layout)
Programme search
Film Premieres listing (actors details link to www.imdb.com)
New programmes listing
All films listing


All you should need to do is create an xmltv file names TVData.xml and
launch the xmltv.htm file thats used to merge the xml and xsl together and
spit out tv details in html.


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