[mythtv-users] MythTV and PSP

Darren Poulson mythtv at 22balmoralroad.net
Thu Dec 15 15:32:10 EST 2005


I've just managed to get nuv videos encoded into mp4 for playing on a PSP., 
thanks to all the useful posts on this list and a few links I've found. I've 
written up what I had to do to get it all working, along with a few of the 
problems I ran into on the way. I've also got a script written that can be 
used as a mythtv user job (creates unique filename and thumbnail). My write 
up is at:


English may be my first language, but I'm a geek, so rather bad at writing it!

One thing I haven't found out is how to set it to automatically run the user 
job after each recording. As far as I can tell (from both the frontend, and 
the backend mysql tables) it is set up right. Running the job manually from 
the recordings section works fine. I did read on one post that it could be a 
problem with using Mythweb to set the recordings, rather than a standard 
frontend. Is this still the case (I'll set a recording going from the 
frontend at some point when I get chance).



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