[mythtv-users] Please explain

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Thu Dec 15 15:29:33 EST 2005

> never knowing how much space is actually free on the disk. This is more
> troublesome than the old method because you could always rely on the
> upper limit of the ring buffer in the past (This is obviously only

 Well you can set a limit on how much space recordings are allowed to take 
up..... so how is this different ?

 OLD :  

    LiveTV Max Size = BLAH
    Recordings Max Size = BLAH2

    Recordings+LiveTV Max Size = BLAH3   

 Just set BLAH3 to what you want it to be (or set it to BLAH2 + BLAH). LiveTV 
items will always get removed first so you are no worse off than before.

> Are the live-tv recordings deleted once you leave live-tv or do they
> remain until they auto expire?

 They auto expire. At they are expired before any regular recordings do
so you wont loose a recording unless all livetv is already gone.

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