[mythtv-users] Help with cron, kppp, and mythfilldatabase

Beny Spensieri Jr benyjr at yahoo.ca
Thu Dec 15 10:33:18 EST 2005

I am having problems with cron not running my setup to
update the mythtv schedule database using dial-up.

I'm using FC4 x86_64 in a KDE environment.

The user is non-privaledged, named "mythtv" which is
always logged on.  The computer, naturally, is always

using kcron, I created the following entry in

30 3 * * 0,3 /usr/bin/kppp -c mythdata -q

This should cause kppp to dial up using the mythdata

The mythdata file executes the following command upon

mythfilldatabase;kppp -k

which should run mythfilldatabase and then disconnect
and close kppp once the database grab is complete.

I have tested this from the command line and it works

My problem is that cron is not running the connecting

I would assume cron is launched at startup as part of
the base install?  Do I have a permissions problem?  I
have edited the PAM file so kppp can be run by
non-root users (even if that was not the case I should
be greeted by a password prompt if cron were executing
the above command).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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