[mythtv-users] Playing dvb nuv files with vlc

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Thu Dec 15 03:56:19 EST 2005

Mike Ryan wrote:

> Anyone out there got vlc to play dvb-t nuv files with sound. I can 
> view the video but no sound whatsoever..

> I'm running FC3 with 0.18.1 mythtv and 0.8.1 vlc
> Everything's fine in mplayer and xine (and myth obviously) but as vlc 
> doesn't seem to be able to pick up the audio I'm unable to get 
> mythtvstream to work

I couldn't even get video.  It was just a mess.  Then somebody told me 
it wasn't working yet, so I stopped trying :-)

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