[mythtv-users] reception wierdnesses, ivtv 0.5.1 PVR 500

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Thu Dec 15 04:09:34 EST 2005


I'm having some reception issues with a PVR 500 using the new 0.5.1 ivtv
driver (with recommended firmware) and myth svn 8144.

I have one weak channel which was fine using ivtv 0.3.1 with original
hauppauge firmware (from the CD) and myth 0.8.1, but now the reception is
noticably worse, especially if I weaken the signal more by going through a
splitter (which was permanently connected with my 0.8.1 setup). Strangely,
If I remove the splitter to improve the signal my otrher (stronger)
channels suffer.

I'm also intermittently having trouble changing channel from myth (as in
tuning woes thread), although this is often solved by switching tuner a
couple of times using "y".

Other problems are intermittent flickering in the top part of the TV
picture (also often cured by switching the tuners a couple of times).

I'm just wondering if others have had similar trouble with the unstable
ivtv driver or different firmwares ( mine's from pvr_2.0.24.23035.zip).

I know live tv is currently undergoing a major rewrite in svn, but think
this is more ivtv related as reading /dev/video0 in MPlayer gives me
similar results.

Can anyone else running a PAL pvr-500 with "unstable" software tell me
which versions work best (rollback to which svn/firmware/ivtv version).



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