[mythtv-users] Multiple questions from a mythtv newbie...

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Dec 14 21:35:02 EST 2005

El Burro wrote:

> So after much trials and tribulations I finally have gotten a MythTV 
> box mostly up and running...  (Thanks to whoever owns 
> http://www.zen7175.zen.co.uk/ for RPMs that don't SEGV!)
> But I have a few questions...
> 1.  MythGame
> I seem to still have a problem with MythGame starting.  It complains 
> that the version of xmame is not supported.  From what I can tell from 
> looking in past messages, all that Myth is doing is a 'xmame -version' 
> command to validate that xmame is working.  Is this correct?  I'm 
> using xmame.102 and it works fine if I start it manually.  It will 
> also show the version correctly (though I do get some Glide error that 
> doesn't seem to effect anything).  I've also double (and triple) 
> checked my settings, as I've believe that this error message that I'm 
> getting is displayed for any configuration error with MythGame.  I've 
> also tried and modify the DB to reflect that I have no joystick (as 
> mentioned in the MythGame docs somewhere...) but that doesn't seem to 
> have any effect either.
> 2.  Myth Plugins 
> I've also seen some other plugins, such as MythFM that seem 
> interesting to me.  (If I have this bloody thing connected and on 
> 24/7, might as well be able to listen to some Internet radio, or use 
> the FM receiver on the PVR-350...).  Are there plans for making these 
> a part of the official distro?
> 3.  MythWeb
> Perhaps I just can't do this, or perhaps I just don't know better, but 
> is there a way to create playlists (through MythWeb, or through 
> MythMusic)?  I can play a directory, or a individual song, but I can't 
> seem to find a way to create a playlist of multiple songs, and either 
> stream them to another system (say through MythWeb) or have them play 
> through MythMusic...
> Any help would be appreciated.

Did you try the docs?


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