[mythtv-users] Sound card issue

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Dec 14 20:30:41 EST 2005

Peter Osterberg wrote:

> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> Peter Osterberg wrote:
>>> I've a on-board audiocard with both coax and optical out. I've never 
>>> got it to work very well.
>>> The card plays perfectly well using analog out, except from the 
>>> audio quality...
>>> The audio works fine for about 5-10 minutes when using digital out. 
>>> After 5-10 minutes the sound disapears for some seconds and comes 
>>> back again. This behavior continues until the computer is rebooted. 
>>> I started to think that this was driver related. I have a spare 
>>> Windows disk for this computer as well and I decided to try if it 
>>> worked better in Windows. I have the same problem in Windows so that 
>>> eliminates the driver theory.
>>> Could this really be hardware related? It doesn't matter if I use 
>>> coax or optical in either operating system.
>>> I think that it is a bit odd to think that it should be hardware 
>>> related since it always works for about 5-10 minutes an then won't 
>>> work again until rebooted. The reboot part somewhat directs me to 
>>> hardware but why 5-10 minutes. It would last for seconds if it were 
>>> some kind of buffer problem.
>> My guess would be bad cable (does this happen with optical out only 
>> or are you saying you have both coaxial digital audio and optical 
>> out?) or your receiver just doesn't like the signal that the card is 
>> outputting.
> I have both optical and coax connected to different input sources on 
> the amp. I tend to not think that it is the amp since it works for 
> 5-10 minutes after a reboot of the computer. I also don't think the 
> cables are to be blamed since I have tried both optical and coax with 
> the same result, it works for some minutes...

I'll agree that it's not the cable if you've used both optical and coax 
digital connections, but I still would place my bets on the 
card/receiver interaction.  Do you have access to another card and/or 
receiver for testing?


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